Deadpool Stan Lee Cameo Revealed

StanLee Deadpool

You know the phrase, "It's not a real Marvel movie if it doesn't have a Stan Lee cameo?" Okay, that might not be a real thing, but still, Deadpool can fall under the category of "real Marvel movie," by those terms, though he hails from 20th Century Fox and is not legally allowed to appear in a Marvel Studios film. Just to clear that up.

Be warned, we're about to talk about Stan Lee's cameo in Deadpool, so if you haven't seen the movie and want it to come as a big surprise, stop here!

In Deadpool, the Marvel Comics mastermind offers up one of his most comedic cameo appearances of all.

While Wade Wilson is searching for his lovely Vanessa in the strip club where she works, we find Stan Lee posing as the host at the club, introducing strippers as they strut out onto the stage. "Give it up for Chastity!" Lee yells to an excited crowd.

With well over a dozen to choose from, Lee has publicly said his cameo in Deadpool is one of his all-time favorites.

Deadpool is now playing in theaters.