'Deadworld' to be Scripted by 'Watchmen' Writer David Hayter

Comic Book screenwriter David Hayter (X-Men, Watchmen) will pen the script to 'Deadworld', according to Variety. Production is scheduled for sometime next year. 'Deadworld' is set in a Zombie world, where most of the humans have been overrrun. Unlike most Zomie flicks, which focus on the actual carnage, 'Deadworld' picks up after and gives us the 'what's next'? angle. From the sound of it, the creative aspects are all in the hands of Hayter.

"It's very much about the design of the Deadworld and creating cool, frightening but not necessarily gory creatures," Hayter said. "I am a huge fan of zombie mythology."

Should be interesting to watch this thing come to fruition.