Dick Giordano, Comic Book Legend, Dies at 77

His guidance and direction would go on to shape decades of comic book history, and now his life is at its final chapter. Dick Giordano, one time editor of Charlton Comics and later editor at DC Comics, has died at the age of 77. Born in 1932, Giordano would eventually work his was into the comic book industry as an artist at Charlton Comics, where in 1965 he would move into the position of editor-in-chief. It was at Charlton that characters such as Captain Atom, The Question and the (new) Blue Beetle would come to life, but it was also here that his powerful influence, especially on the Bronze Age of comics, began.

Moving to DC Comics in the late 1960's, Giordano would work on books such as Deadman, the Neal Adams books Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and later, when he returned to DC in the 1980s, the landmark Crisis on Infinite Earths, where he would add his signature inks to some of the most memorable pages in comics. His influence goes beyond just the artist's chair or the writer's pen, as he helped to develop and shape the careers of industry legends such as Jim Starlin, John Byrne and Denny O'Neil. No one will soon forget his impact, his talent, and his unmistakable influence on the medium he loved.