Diggle Gets A Costume For Arrow Season 4

He may not be a full superhero just yet, but Diggle will don a specialized helmet and costume for Arrow's fourth season.

During San Diego Comic Con's Warner Bros. TV panel this weekend, Diggle actor David Ramsey confirmed that Diggle will taking his combat game to the next level with a new helmet.

"Diggle will get a new helmet, Ramsey confirmed, before joking that his new crime-fighting costume will be called "Black Driver."

Co-star Paul Blackthorne (Detective Lance) then jumped in to clarify that although Diggle is getting a special crime-fighting helmet, the character won't go full superhero...yet.

"We'll see," he teased.

But based on the art provided of Diggle's helmet and crime0fighting suit, it kinda looks like a stripped down superhero costume, in that prototypical sort of way. The cast and crew didn't divulge where the helmet could come from, but it's probably safe to speculate that STAR labs provided the head gear. After all, they outfitted Arrow with many of his costume upgrades and weapons armamnets in the past.

Check out a full look at Diggle 2.0 below.

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Arrow's fourth season premieres on October 7 at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

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