Digital Comics Experienced Huge Growth Over Last 3 Years

Digital Comics continue to see huge growth numbers, according to a report published by ICV2.

The report states that digital comics sales grew to $90 million in 2013, and that, while growth has slowed considerably from the near-tripling pace in 2012, the digital comics market still grew by 29 per cent from where it was in 2012. That a $20 million increase, second only to 2012's $45 million increase in the year's since the digital comics market took off in 2009. CEO Milton Griepp, comments "There was no way that digital comics could continue the explosive growth of the past couple years. That being said, 29 per cent increase in any industry is still a great number."


Digital comics are still outpacing eBooks in growth, with eBooks going negative in 2013. Importantly, print comics sales have grown alongside the digital comics market's rapid expansion, seeming to dispel fears that digital comics would spell doom for brick and mortar comic book stores.