Director James Gunn Says Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer On YouTube Is A Fake

James Gunn

At Comic Con and D23 Expo, Marvel Studios aired a Guardians Of The Galaxy teaser trailer, which has been winning rave reviews from fans and the press. Because of all the buzz around the trailer, fans have been pleading with Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn to release the trailer online.

However, there are no current plans for Marvel Studios to officially release the Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer. James Gunn tweeted, “For all you asking-no other release planned for the #GotG teaser. Made after only 12 days of filming it’s not meant for the Internet. Sorry!”

With no official trailer online, an enterprising YouTube user created their own Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer. While fake trailers are commonplace on YouTube, this particular fake Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer is labeled as “official,” which has helped the fake trailer rack up over 270,000 views.

Because so many people are confusing the fake Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer as the real one, director James Gunn recently took to Twitter and YouTube to set the record straight. On Twitter, James Gunn wrote, “That Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on YouTube you're all writing me about is completely fake, of course.” On YouTube, James Gunn added, “Guys, this is, of course, a fake trailer. It has nothing to do with us, nor the trailer that showed at Comic Con or D23.”

Here’s the fake Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer from YouTube. Guardians Of The Galaxy is set to be released in movie theaters on August 1, 2014.