Disney Chairman Confirms New Indiana Jones Movie Is Coming

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Disney Chairman Robert Iger has confirmed that there will be a new Indiana Jones film.

In a new video from Bloomberg News, Iger said that the movie was coming. There have been rumors almost since the day Disney acquired Lucasfilm, although in the early going Disney said that their primary focus was Star Wars and anything else would be a bonus.

You can check out the video below -- and Iger's comments at 7:20.

"With George Lucas's Star Wars -- and Indiana Jones, by the way, which will be coming, we have more great stories," Iger said. "And I think in a world where there's far more content and intellectual property and great choice, I think great stories still stand out."

While earlier rumors had suggested that Indiana Jones may be rebooted and recast, executive producer Steven Spielberg recently said that only Harrison Ford could do it.