Make Your Living Room Magical With This Cinderella's Castle Frame Set

Need a place to display your Disney photos that's as magical as the place where you took them? Well, now you've got one.

An Etsy shop by the name of A Little Pixie Dust Co. has created a brand new way for Disney families to share their favorite vacation photos: Cinderella's Castle.

This set consists of 20 total frames, along with a set of unique decals, that combine together to form the iconic Disney landmark. This includes four 5x7 frames, fifteen 4x6 frames and one 11x14 frame that makes up the center of the castle. The decals are used to created the various towers that top the structure. To help match whatever decor you've got in the rest of the room, the frames are available in both white and black.

With the amount of frames contained in the set, it would be easy to display your entire Disney trip when the rest of the family comes over for the holidays.

cinderella castle frames
(Photo: A Little Pixie Dust Co.)

What's almost as exciting as this frame set itself is the fact that it's completely affordable! The black version of the frames are listed at CA$132.35, or roughly $103 in U.S. dollars. The white set is a little more expensive, around $114. Depending on where you live in the United States, shipping should only cost around $20.

If you're hoping to add Cinderella's Castle to your home, click here to head over to A Little Pixie Dust Co's Etsy shop to purchase your own!