Disney Developing Aladdin Live-Action Prequel

A live-action prequel to Disney's 1992 animated musical film Aladdin is in the works at the Mouse House, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The title of the prequels is Genies. As you can tell, it will "focus on the realm of the Genies and reveal how Aladdin's Genie ended up enslaved in the lamp." Disney hopes the prequel is well received so they can then develop a live-action Aladdin movie.

The screenwriting team of Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Freddy vs. Jason, O’Lucky Day) are penning the script for Disney's Genies.

The 1992 film, which is based on a centuries-old Arabic folk tale, told the tale of a petty thief named Aladdin that comes into possession of a magical lamp. When he rubs it a Genie (voiced by Robin Williams) appears and offers to grant him three wishes.


Skip to 2:20 mark in video below for an interesting Aladdin/Robin Williams story.

Aladdin (1992) - Soar away on a magic carpet ride of nonstop laughs and thrills in one of the most spectacular adventures of all time! In the heart of an enchanted city, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey Abu battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine from the schemes of the evil sorcerer Jafar. Aladdin’s whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp as a fun-loving, shape-shifting Genie appears and grants him three wishes, setting him on an incredible journey of discovery.