Disney Purchases Land West of Magic Kingdom

The boundaries of Walt Disney World may have just gotten a bit bigger. Disney subsidiary Compass Rose Crop. recently purchased over 230 acres of land just west of the existing Magic Kingdom. According to Orange County records (via The Kingdom Insider) the sale was completed last Monday for $6 million dollars with the newly-purchased property sitting across from Disney's Palm, Magnolia, and Oak Trail golf courses.

Per the report, this latest acquisition marks the second major land purchase for Disney in 2019. In January, Disney's Celebration Place LLC purchased a much larger area of land -- 1500 acres specifically -- in Osceola County for $11 million. That property is itself adjacent to the 965-acre BK Ranch LC that Celebration Place LLC purchased in December 2018.

It's not clear at this time exactly what Disney plans to do with the properties acquired. John Gerner, managing director of Leisure Business Advisors LLC in Richmond, Virginia told WDW News Today that Disney could be using the large land purchases as a sort of undeveloped land barrier to prevent non-Disney companies from setting up shop near the resort. There is also the possibility that the site could end up being part of an expansion, though he also suggested that the property could be used to create an upscale getaway for Disney.

"It could be used for a more upscale, exclusive getaway that feels isolated on the edge of Disney property," Gerner said. "They can have their own lake with the amenities of a getaway spot."

There's also the possibility that Walt Disney World could be adding a fifth theme park at some point in the future. The resort is already the home to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. They also have two water parks, 27 themed resort hotels, nine non-Disney hotels, multiple golf courses, a camping resort, and additional entertainment venues, including the outdoor shopping center Disney Springs which is itself currently home to 105 shopping locations, 62 dining venues, and 24 "experiences" -- meaning shows and events -- as well with buses and water taxis -- operated by Disney Transport -- offering transportation between Disney Springs and other areas of Walt Disney World

It is believed that Disney owns round 30,000 acres in and around Central Florida, though that number has never actually been confirmed.

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