Disney Registers 'Strange Magic' Domain Names, Raises Speculation For Frozen Sequel

Disney has registered cryptic domain names for an upcoming film. And if the universe has its way, they will be for a Frozen sequel.

As Disney fan site Stitch Kingdom discovered, Disney recently laid online claim to the title “Strange Magic,” registering strangemagic-thefilm.com, strangemagic-themovie.com, strangemagicfilm.com and strangemagicmovie.com as domain names.Given that magic is a defining hallmark over at the House of Mouse, this name could easily be tagged to any Disney project.

What lights the Frozen Sequel signal, however, is the term’s signifigance in the
Frozen film. “Strange Magic” is mentioned twice in the movie; once by Grand Cabbie and another time by the Duke of Weselton. The term is in reference to Princess Esla’s uncanny ability to control and create all manner of frozen elements.

But as Stitch Kingdom pointed out, the possibility of another Frozen installment anytime soon seems low. Disney is already at work on a Frozen short for spring 2015, a Broadway adaptation is on the way, and writer/co-director Jennifer Lee has her hands full with another Disney film. Still, perhaps a backroom agreement has been made for a later release—say, 2016 or 2017, and Disney is getting their house in order now.

Until Disney confirms anything, it might be best to, well, let it go.