Disney Sets New Industry Record At Box Office

It looks like Disney did it. After plenty of speculation, it appears as if the entertainment behemoth has broken a new domestic record in the industry. The Walt Disney Studios has now raked in more than $2.49 billion at the domestic box office, demolish the previous record of $2.45 a la Universal Studios in 2015.

Outside of the domestic arena, Walt Disney Studios continues to draw in massive earnings with international audiences. For the first time, Disney has earned more than $4 billion at the foreign box office as they tipped over $4.07 billion this weekend. Currently, the record for highest international box office earnings belongs to Universal Studios. The industry giant ended its last fiscal year with $4.44 billion abroad, but Disney looks like it may beat the Universal out in the near future.

After all, Disney’s Moana has just undertaken its first global trek, and the musical has raked in more than $177 million so far. And, of course, Disney still has plans to launch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story later this month. The Star Wars spin-off will begin its international rollout on December 14th.

If Disney plans to beat Universal’s current foreign record, then they will need to earn more than $307 million at the international box office with these two films. And, if the studio wants to beat the latter’s worldwide box office title, then it has some work to do. Last year, Universal closed out the year with $6.89 billion at the box office. Disney will need to earn $330 million worldwide to close the gap and take the championship crown.

This year, Disney’s box office has been assisted by its slew of hit films. Most recently, Marvel’s Doctor Strange has aided the studio with its stellar box office pull. The movie has earned more than $634 million globally, and Doctor Strange has yet to finish its international rollout. Other titles like Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book have also helped the studio pad its wallet. The films earned $1.153 billion, $1.107 billion, $1.024 billion, and $967 million worldwide.


Looking at the numbers, it seems that Disney will outdo Universal and nab the title for highest foreign and worldwide box office totals. Many are looking to see what kind of earnings Rogue One will bring to the studio. When Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens hit theaters, the blockbuster drew in a staggering $2.06 billion worldwide. It doesn’t look as if the spin-off will earn as much as its trilogy counterpart, but it will bring in plenty of money. The film’s ticket are already on sale, and estimates predict Rogue One will open to more than $130 alone.


So, what do you think? Will Disney outdo Universal with its box office this year? Let us know in the comments below!

[H/T] Deadline