Angry Disney World Guest's Rant Wanting to Ban Childless Millennials From the Park Goes Viral

Everyone loves the Disney theme parks. With multiple parks worldwide, over millions of people both young and young at heart -- over 140 million in 2016 alone -- pass through the gates to experience the magic that has a little something to offer for everyone no matter their age. Despite this, one angry mom on social media thinks there need to be restrictions about who can and cannot enjoy Disney World and presumably all Disney Parks. She wants millennials without children banned from the park and her rant is going viral.

Last week @JenKatWrites on Twitter shared a screenshot of a mother's rant to Facebook complaining about how millennial couples having fun at Disney World were ruining her three-year-old child's vacation simply by existing and goign to the park. You can read it all below but be warned there's some strong language in the post that some people might find offensive.

"DW is for CHILDREN!!!!!" the post reads in part. "People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!!!!"

The post shared on Twitter is by no means new. The original Facebook post comes from September 2018 and was picked up by Reddit soon after but given that it's summer and a time when a lot of people both with and without children area headed to Disney World for vacation it's back and getting more attention than ever. Some notable highlights of the post include the original poster's declaration that mothers with children should never have to wait in line at Disney and her hysterical (and not in the funny way) blaming of a woman in line getting a Mickey Mouse pretzel for her son having to wait and thus crying about it.

"DW is a FAMILY amusement park!" the post reads. "Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!"

Now, we can unpack the rant a bit. One could argue the point that if millennials going to Disney World is throwing away money on "useless crap" then the same could be said for families going to Disney World and Disney Parks as well -- those tickets aren't exactly cheap, after all, and with Galaxy's Edge opening at Disney World next month, the cost of annual passes are even going up in price. More than that, though, the rant seems to be more about the inconveniences of taking a small child to a large theme park that, while certainly full of appeal to a three-year-old, isn't necessarily designed exclusively to be child friendly or toddler friendly. Parenting is hard enough on its own. Parenting in a huge theme park full of people on a hot day is a lot more complicated and likely not the most fun for the people chasing a kid.


But that doesn't make Disney World a place for families with children only, and as one clever person on Twitter pointed out to @JenKatWrites' share of the post, Mickey and Minnie are a childless couple themselves. Maybe we should just ban them, too.

What do you think? Is Disney World for everyone or do those without kids need to stay home? Sound off with your take in the comments below.