Disneyland Hit With Power Outage, Tourists Stuck On Rides

While Disneyland may be the "Happiest Place on Earth," even the popular amusement park can suffer setbacks. Earlier this afternoon, a power outage forced a variety of rides to suddenly shut down, forcing staff to help escort trapped guests off of multiple attractions.

The entire park isn't subjected to the outage, with a spokesperson saying it is specifically Toontown and Fantasyland that are affected while the rest of the park is running smoothly.

There is currently no estimated time for when the power will turn back on.

"We've determined that the issue is with a Disneyland Resort transformer and our team is currently assessing and working to restore power," the statement from the park read.

Despite the setback, the park itself isn't being shut down due to how much of the area remains unaffected.

The park is enjoying some of its highest numbers this week, as the holiday break allows thousands of families to descend upon the park. Due to these high numbers, officials are reportedly allowing guests to explore various areas of the park without any evacuation.

The attraction's sister park, Walt Disney World Resort, similarly faced a brief shut down earlier this week due to the volume of guests. For roughly two hours on Christmas Day, the resort's Magic Kingdom was closed to new guests due to the area nearing its capacity.

While the numbers aren't officially confirmed, many estimate that the park can hold over 100,000 guests, yet as to avoid overcrowding, have implemented a tiered closure system. The highest restriction is Phase 4, which prohibits anyone from entering the park. The last Phase 4 closure of the park took place on April 7, 2009.

Some of the most popular days of the year for the Magic Kingdom are New Year's Eve and July 4, which will often result in a Phase 3 park closure. The week of spring break and Christmas vacation have often led to various closures throughout the park.

Earlier this month, it was announced that new Pixar-themed attractions would be coming to Disney California Adventure in 2018, with areas paying tribute to The Incredibles, Toy Story and Inside Out.


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