Do You Want A 6 Feet Tall Godzilla Statue?

Are you a big Godzilla fan? If so, it’s time for you to ask yourself just how big of a fan you [...]

Are you a big Godzilla fan? If so, it's time for you to ask yourself just how big of a fan you are. Japan is about to test fans of the nuclear beast with one of Bandai's latest creations. The company has just announced plans to sell several seriously massive Godzilla statues - and they won't be cheap.

Bandai's 'Human Size Figure' line is breaking from the mold and creating an item that is distinctly non-human. The company has teamed up with artists at Design Coco to create a Godzilla statue based on the monster's appearance in 1991's Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. The towering piece will stand at 192 centimeters or 6'4" to be precise.

So, if you are under 6' and ever wondered what it would be like to have Godzilla stare you down, then you might want this exclusive item.

The statue is meant to mirror the Godzilla suit worn by the performers on set of the 1991 classic. Titled 'Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido Version,' Bandai's high-quality collectors item will not come cheap. In fact, you could buy a new car for the price of this behemoth.

Currently, the item is retailed at 4,482,000 yen - or $43,500 dollars. Only 10 units of the statue will be made, and Bandai is expecting collectors to squabble over the special statue. As such, the company will use a lottery system to select the 10 people who can then buy the item. Applications will be accepted through Bandai's premium website on November 7th and then ship the items out to winners in July 2017.

This isn't the first life-sized statue that Bandai has rolled out. In the past, the company has sold a scintillating statue of Momo from To Love'ru. The scantily clad figure stood at over 5' and sported frilly bridal lingerie.

However, neither of these statues compare to one built recently in the prefecture of Fukuoka. The town honored Godzilla this year at his annual harvest festival with a 7-meter tall Godzilla statue. The handcrafted piece was created out of straw and even features canon-complaint scarring around the monster's tail and dorsal fins.

(Photo: Bandai )

This isn't the only interesting Godzilla monument to debut recently. Earler this week, Reddit user 'mrcchapman' shared a photo of a Godzilla sculpture in Tawain. The mysterious art piece is made completely out of spray paint cans and has tired ribbing its pointed tail. So far, no artists have taken credit for the installment, but the picture has now gone viral thanks to persistent netizens.

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