New Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip Shows Mysterious Superhero In Action

It looks like Doctor Who is about to go up, up, and away. The iconic sci-fi series will return this Christmas with its annual special, and it will feature a rather powerful superhero. BBC confirmed the Christmas episode will find the Doctor working in New York City with report Lucy Fletcher of the Daily Chronicle. The pair will find themselves teamed up with a vigilante with superhuman powers. And, now, fans are getting their first-look at the superhero in action with a new clip.

The BBC uploaded a clip from the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas episode in celebration of their Children in Need charity. The video shows the Doctor and Lucy Fletcher as they infiltrate a secret, evil organization. However, their plans are foiled when a higher-up at the company corners them and threatens to shoot them.

But, in true superhero style, the baddie gets his plans squashed when New York City’s vigilante flies in for a surprise. The hero can be seen knocking casually on the window of a skyscraper before bursting onto the scene. Bullets don’t appear to phase the hero, and he goes on to display his super-strength to the Doctor’s surprise.

Really, he surprises everyone. According to Lucy Fletcher, she wasn’t sure the figure even existed until she saw him with her own eyes. Known as The Ghost, the superhero saves the Doctor and his comrades from being shot when he takes down the unsavory baddie - but without causing lasting damage.

“Please understand it’s against my personal code to cause any lasting harm to any individual,” the hero says before bashing the dearmed villain onto the floor.

Earlier this year, the BBC released their first look at the mysterious superhero who’d feature in the Christmas special. Canadian actor Justin Chatwin will play the character, and his get-up looks rather impressive. His all-black uniform and face mask look nothing like the Doctor’s whimsical ensemble, but the two heroes will surely find some similarities once they get to know one another.

So, what do you guys think? Will you be interested to see this superhero in full-out action this Christmas when Doctor Who returns? Fans will also be able to check out the special in theaters a la; You can check their site for theater locations and ticket purchases.


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The 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," will air on Christmas Day, Dec. 2015, on the BBC in the United Kingdom and on BBC America in the United States. Doctor Who will return with a full tenth season, the last for showrunner Steven Moffat, in 2017.