Doctor Who Lost Episodes Really Found This Time, Press Conference Tuesday

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Show

When we reported on The Sunday People’s claim that over 100 lost episodes of Doctor Who had been found, our readers were skeptical to say the least. There have been a number of false reports of Doctor Who episodes being found throughout the years, which have never panned out.

However, it seems that this latest report is legit. While there is still some discussion/denial of if more than 100 missing episodes have been found, it has now been confirmed by multiple sources that lost episodes have really been located this time. What is still a mystery is exactly how many episodes have been found.

According to the Radio Times, there are at least two newly discovered Doctor Who episodes that will be released for sale on iTunes this week. The two lost episodes are reportedly from the Patrick Troughton era. Other episodes have also reportedly been found, but it is unclear when they will be released to the public.

According to the Mirror, the BBC has also announced a press conference and screening in a London hotel on Tuesday. The Mirror claims to have been told by a BBC source that the press conference is regarding lost Doctor Who episodes.