Dogs Groomed Like The Simpsons & A Zombie On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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With Halloween coming up tomorrow night, there will be lots of kids and adults dressed up as characters from their favorite TV shows and comic books. But it's not only people that dress up for Halloween. According to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Americans spend $300 million on costumes for their pets every Halloween. On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, creative dog groomer Catherine Opson showed off several dogs that were painted and groomed in interesting ways for Halloween. The five different dog designs shown included a zombie, a leopard, a koi pond, Sesame Street, and The Simpsons. The zombie design of course could prove popular with Walking Dead fans. However, the most amazing design was likely The Simpsons, which were actually displayed on two dogs. Jimmy Kimmel quipped they were the only dogs "to be sued by FOX for copyright infringement." Check out the full video of all the Halloween dogs below.