Dollhouse Cancelled by Fox

It's a sad day in Whedonverse. In news that may not surprise those who track ratings, Fox has officially pulled the plug on the just-into-its-second season series Dollhouse. The show had been struggling in the ratings ever since it premiered, despite having a devoted and active fan base. DVR ratings were a factor in the show getting a sort-of life this season, with the thirteen ordered episodes going ahead as planned. The show, starring Eliza Dushku as a woman who is programmed with memories and skills for various missions, had promise, but many felt that Fox did not permit Whedon the freedom to develop the series in his way early on. Fox will begin airing the remaining shows starting on December 4th. Production is currently going ahead as planned on the eleventh episode of the season, and it seems likely that Fox will allow all thirteen episodes to be produced and aired, hopefully allowing Whedon and crew time to give the show a fitting and satisfying ending. Will there be rallying from fans of the series to have it go to the big screen, much like what happened to another of Whedon's shows, Firefly? Perhaps a big screen version of Dollhouse would allow more narrative room or a different take on the show. Time will tell, and Whedon will have that now if he decides on a new life for the show.