Domino's in Japan Debuts New Pizza Covered With 2 Pounds of Cheese

As many pizza fans will tell you, cheese is kind of a big deal. Sure, you can get pizzas without cheese if that's your thing, but for most folks it's the cheese that is one of if not the most significant element of a good pie. It's your base topping, after all. Everything else goes on top, but cheese? Cheese is king. However, Domino's in Japan is taking the idea that the more cheese the better to a wild new level with the release of a pie that contains a full two pounds of cheesy goodness.

Called the "New Yorker One-Kilo Ultimate Cheese", the pizza is covered with one kilogram -- just over two pounds -- of mozzarella cheese spread out over a 15-inch pizza. According to Kotaku, this super cheesy pizza costs roughly $37 for delivery or $24 if picked up in store. The pie, which is a response to the success of a pizza released in 2018 that featured four times the normal amount of cheese, will only be available through Jun 23.

That's a short amount of time to feast upon all that cheese, but according to SoraNews24, it doesn't sound quite like the New Yorker One-Kilo Ultra Cheese is a pizza that might not exactly be one you eat repeatedly. SoraNews24 reporter Ahiru Neko gave the massively cheesy pizza a shot and found that the slices were so heavy with cheese that it simply gave way -- two pounds is a log of cheese after all.


Of course, this supremely cheesy pizza isn't the first time Domino's in Japan has done some unique things in the name of pizza. In addition to the 4-times the cheese pizza last year, in 2016 Domino's enlisted the assistance of reindeer to deliver their pizzas as part of a contingency plan for dealing with deliveries in winter conditions which were predicted to be particularly brutal that year. Unfortunately, the pizza company was unable to quite make the reindeer delivery plan work. Turns out it was too difficult to control the reindeer, with some running away when frightened or the pizzas becoming damaged in transit. The company resolved their reindeer situation by dressing up delivery scooters in reindeer attire.

What do you think about Domino's Japan offering a pizza with over two pounds of cheese as a topping? Would you eat something that cheesy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.