Donald Glover Can't Confirm Or Deny He's The Next Spider-Man


Donald Glover's spider-sense may be tingling as much as the Internet's, but the actor still won't comment on any involvement in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Glover, who is a fan-favorite to don Spider-Man's webs in the 2017 film, refused to confirm or deny in a recent interview that he'll play Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or any other Spider-Verse character.

"I can't say I'm the next Spider-Man," Glover told The Today Show. And when asked if that meant he wasn't going to play Spider-Man, Glover responded, "I can't say that either. I mean, it's not out yet."

However, Glover gave a slight glimmer of hope by acknowledging that someone at Marvel or Sony has at least contemplated the idea, revealing, "There's been talkings about it…I mean, I'd be honored to play it. It's really not up to me."

And while Glover doesn't have a terrible amount of control over the studios' final decision, he didn't waste the opportunity to promote himself for the role, joking, "I personally think I would be amazing, like 'The Amazing Spider-Man."

Of course, this wouldn't be Glover's first run-in with the Wall Crawler. He once voice Miles Morales on an episode of Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Check out Glover's full interview below. 


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The Spider-Man reboot swings into theaters on July 28, 2017.