Don't Want Star Wars Spoilers? These Guys Can Help

(Photo: maxt3r)

If you're like me and desperately trying to avoid anymore Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage or spoilers before the film, then you may have covered your eyes or turned around humming the Star Wars theme when all the TV spots ran during football yesterday (yes, I literally did that. My wife did, too, and I'm proud of her). While this tool won't help with that, it will make your web-browsing safer.

Just like the Kardashian Filter, which is like a gift from the heavens itself, there's now a Chrome extension that will let you know when you might be stumbling on a Star Wars spoiler. Now, it's a very loose filter - it literally stops you with a pop-up on any page that mentions Star Wars at all. So, if you're reading our site from the homepage on a regular basis, this could get fairly annoying after about... five minutes.


But if you're a big linkshare kinda guy and you just want to be absolutely safe, this may be a great tool for you. And you don't even have to go to Nar Shaddaa to get it!