Dr. Strange, Black Panther, & Inhumans Movies Confirmed By Stan Lee

Marvel Studios has already announced that Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man will be the next Marvel Characters to get their first movies. However, the bigger question is what other characters will Marvel Studios be developing. Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and the Inhumans are three names that have been thrown out in the past as being under consideration by Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige.

Now, it looks like another Marvel V.I.P. is also confirming that is the plan. In an interview with a student newspaper called the District, Stan Lee said, “Oh they are all being made into movies! I can tell you there will definitely be a Dr. Strange movie! They are working on Antman,  which requires really small cameras! Black Panther is being developed, one of my favorites…the Inhumans…All the hero’s will eventually be made into movies.”

Now, even though Stan Lee is an executive producer on Marvel Studios films, he readily admits he doesn’t have that much control. Stan Lee said, “I don’t see the script, occasionally I will have lunch with the director or a star, like the guy making Antman,I don’t remember his name- I don’t remember names, or Robert Downey Jr., for Ironman and we talk about the characters. But all I do for the movies are the cameos really. Then when the movie comes out I am excited to see it just like all of you. I’m seeing it for the first time.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Stan Lee has mentioned Dr. Strange and Black Panther movies, but last time it was just a feeling that those movies would be made. It could be that he’s just repeating what he’s heard the press report that Kevin Feige has said. However, Stan Lee’s comment that there will definitely be a Dr. Strange movie seems to indicate he might now have a little more insight than he has in the past. The fact that he lists Dr. Strange as definite and Black Panther and Inhumans as just in development also might provide a clue that Dr. Strange might come before the other two. Could all those rumors about Dr. Strange appearing in Thor: The Dark World be true? It would be a good way to introduce the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.