Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Shows Off More Gameplay Footage In New Trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 looks to refine the gameplay from the original game while expanding the scope of its storyline, and time travel is certainly a way to get that accomplished.

While the story will be dipping in and out of the past, the newest trailer shows a bit more of the tweaked combo system at work, which the development team made a point to smooth out. While it is now easier to string various attacks together, the scale of the attacks are even bigger this time, around and combined with the cel-shaded visual style, make you feel as if you're controlling an episode of the show.

DB Xenoverse 2
(Photo: Namco Bandai)

You'll also notice a few new transformations in Xenoverse 2, including a massive Namekian and a humanoid Nimbus. The creation suite for your avatar is increasing as well, letting you tweak and customize to your heart's content. That isn't the only part of the game that is expanding, as the hub world is seven times larger than the original game. Since you'll have more distance to cover, you'll also have access to vehicles to help get you back and forth.

The developers even threw in a reward for fans who have a save file from the first game. At some point, you'll end up in the timeline of the first game, and if you have a save file you will meet your original avatar (via Nerdist).


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25th in North America and October 28th in Europe.