Ebook Sales Exceed Hardcover Revenue, Nearly Tie Paperback

Want to know why comics publishers are so keen to get on the digital comics bandwagon? Here's one more reason: According to data compiled by the Pew Research Center, major American publishers have generated more revenue from eBooks so far in 2012 than they have from hardcover books. The paperback format is still the undisputed king of driving revenue, but it doesn't look like it will stay that way for long, with Ebook numbers closer to eclipsing paperbacks than they are to sliding back toward hardcovers.

So far this year, eBooks have generated $282 million in revenue for publishers, compared to $229.6 million in the hardcover market. Paperback books took in $299.8 million, but that's down nearly 11% from the same time period last year, where eBooks have risen more than 28% during that same period.

All of these numbers relate to the adult book market; childrens' books have an entirely different set of numbers.

At the same time this announcement was starting to make the rounds online, ComiXology tweeted less than an hour ago that "this week is really looking to be our BIGGEST ONE EVER! Stay tuned," suggesting that the #1 retailer of digital comics has something special up their sleeves for the near future.