Eight Minutes of Pokemon GO Gameplay Debut Online

Yesterday evening, Niantic Labs began their second field test for Pokemon GO, an "augmented reality" mobile game in which players can catch and battle Pokemon in the real world. It took less than a day for video of Pokemon GO to leak online, showing off many of the game's basic features.

The video confirms previous reports of many of Pokemon GO's features, including how to capture Pokemon, gym battles and replenish Pokeballs and other items. The video shows a trainer capturing several different kinds of Pokemon in a "real world" backdrop provided by their camera. A gym battle is also shown, with a Magnemite and Geodude trading "not very effective" attacks. The video also shows off Pokemon GO's XP system, in which trainers (as opposed to Pokemon) level up by completing certain tasks.

Although the video shows off the Pokemon GO's basic gameplay, there's probably still plenty of more features left to roll out. Pokemon GO is still in beta testing and will probably not be released until summer 2016.