Elvira Hosts Funny Or Die's 2014 Halloween Anthology

It wouldn’t be October without Elvira.In Funny Or Die’s 2014 Halloween Anthology, The Mistress [...]

It wouldn't be October without Elvira.

In Funny Or Die's 2014 Halloween Anthology, The Mistress of the Dark presents four spooky sketches.

In Haunted House Hunters, Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O'Connell play a couple looking for the perfect preternatural place to call home.

In Die Stoner Die, Tina's paranoia gets the better of her as one unsuspecting plumber discovers; Videographers attempt to document all of the supernatural action in Found Footage, which of course leads to less than ideal results; and a sorority house get more than they bargained for in Senior Slasher.

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