Exclusive Clip: William Shatner Talks Cheese With Marnie Clarke On Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Brown Bag Wine Tasting Marnie Clarke & William Shatner

On this week's edition of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, William Shatner talks cheese with Cheesemonger Marnie Clarke, who runs two cheese shops in Southern California.

In an exclusive clip provided to Comicbook.com by Ora TV, Shatner asks Clarke why she fell in love with dairy products?

Clarke said, "I think just reading all the stuff that my grandfather and my father kept. They had saved all these different articles, and they had all sorts of books and things like that. And they actually passed away in the same year, and I think I was just kind of searching."

Clarke went on to explain that she got to know her grandfather on a deeper level by reading through all of his books and articles about the benefits of dairy products and cultured dairy products.


Watch the full episode of Marnie Clarke's chat with William Shatner on Ora TV.