EXCLUSIVE: Gotham Clip Officially Reveals Order of St. Dumas

(Photo: Fox)

For the last few weeks, since the reveal of the Galavan's real last name, we've been telling you about an organization from the comic books called "The Order of St. Dumas." in episode 5 of this season, "Scarification," it was revealed that the Galavan family was once the Dumas family, before being exiled from Gotham and forced to change their names.

Last week, we saw more members, presumably of the Order, arrive in Gotham, clothed in cloaks with an appearance resembling monks - until they stabbed a dock guard to death, of course. EP John Stephens also used the Order's name in a chat with us, so we knew they were on the way in earnest. Now, in this exclusive clip provided to ComicBook.com by Fox, we have our first on-show use of the Order as an identifier, as well as some big hints at what they're up to.

"The girls at the parlor say they saw at least six monks. They have to be part of this same Order of St. Dumas," Gordon tells Captain Barnes. He explains that they were big in Gotham, but disappeared around 100 years before.

"The monks said the Blood of the Nine will wash away the sin," he hints, and they mention that they've been killing bankers - but then also street thugs. And the intrigue builds.


Gotham: "Son of Gotham" is the tenth episode, and the penultimate of the first half of the second season before a planned winter hiatus. Given the pace of the season so far, we should see a whole lot of the Order of St. Dumas in these last two episodes before the break. Gotham airs Monday night at 8pm on Fox.