EXCLUSIVE: LINE Webtoon Debuts Cyko KO - Webcomic with Sound, Video FX

(Photo: LINE Webtoon)

LINE Webtoon has been making a push in the U.S. to bring their unique brand of scrolling webcomics to the market. The Star Wars comic that retells the events of the original film while fleshing out previously unspoken details was a huge hit in Korea, and recently came to the States as a well-received piece of the bigger Star Wars saga.

Their next step is showing off the FX Toon technology, which adds some video and audio special effects into their scrolling comic format. Cyko KO from creator Rob Feldman is the first US title to use the technology, LINE Webtoon revealed to ComicBook.com. The series stars an Evil Knievel-style stunt motorcyclist who goes to a new planet to fight Baron Diablo and his giant monsters.

When scrolling through the comics, fans will automatically activate sound effects and video (sometimes in the background, sometimes in the main part of the panel) to enhance the storytelling experience. The goal is to present the "natural evolution" of comics with soundtracks and motion comics, making it more part of the reader-controlled experience rather than replacing the reader with automation.

Cyko KO follows the imported anthology series Chiller that uses the FX Toon technology to deliver higher tension and bigger frights to the horror comics than are possible with words and images alone.

Check out the debut video of Cyko KO above. You can read it starting today for free on the WebToons website or by downloading the LINE Webtoon app on Apple App Store and Google Play.