Exclusive Marvel Comics Preview: Cyclops #2

Marvel Comics have released exclusively to ComicBook.com, a preview of Cyclops #2 by Greg Rucka [...]


Marvel Comics have released exclusively to ComicBook.com, a preview of Cyclops #2 by Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman, picking up where the sold-out first issue left off: with a time-traveling, teenage version of the titular hero doing a cosmic road trip with his estranged, space-pirate father Corsair. One of the most well-reviewed superhero launches of 2014, Marvel's Cyclops has been a surprisingly light and fun comic, even more so than its parent series, the Brian Michael Bendis-written All-New X-Men. "[Cyclops is] very intentionally meant to be devoid of a lot of the angst that you're going to get in the mainstream X-Books," Rucka told ComicBook.com. "He comes with his own angst, absolutely, but the nice thing about 16-year-old Scott is that he's packing very different baggage -- and that baggage is not so paralytic, I think. And then when you think about what the situation for him is, that this is this kid who's had this miserable time and here he is now, and his dad's alive! There's gotta be some glee in that, there's gotta be some joy in that. Given everything he's been through, if you can't find some joy in that, that's a problem, I think." You can check out the solicitation text and preview pages (click on the double-page spread for a bigger, more readable version) below. Cyclops #2 is on sale Wednesday, June 4. CYCLOPS (2014) #2 Published: June 04, 2014 Rating: Rated T+ Writer: Greg Rucka Art: Russell Dauterman & Chris Sotomayor Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano A father and son mend fences the best way possible – on an intergalactic road trip! Stop one? The spectacular resort world of Dixzit, where Scott flirts with aliens. Badly! But what's the dark secret of Dixzit? Greg Rucka (PUNISHER) and Russell Dauterman (Nightwing) uncover the clues!