Ezra Miller Recalls Moment He Became The Flash


In October, Warner Brothers made it official when they announced that Ezra Miller ("Perks Of Being A Wallflower") will play the big screen version The Flash in their DC Comics cinematic universe. Since then we haven't heard anything from Miller about getting the part, until now. The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the actor at Sundance and he happily recalled the moment he learned he snagged it.

"Zack Snyder told me on the phone that he wanted me to play the Flash while I was eating a tilapia in a small Central American village. That was definitely a moment that prompted me to question the fabric of my reality."

The news ruffled a few feathers as fans have embraced Grant Gustin as The Flash on the CW television series. Fans had hoped WB might merge the television universe with the cinematic universe. Wishful thinking, but its not practical. Fans will just have to learn to live with two Scarlet Speedsters. I'd rather have two than none.

Miller's announcement was made as WB was releasing their comic book movie schedule for the next five years. The Flash will get his first solo film March 23, 2018, but I'm sure we'll see him on the big screen sooner than that. He's not expected to be in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but we should expect him in Justice League: Part 1 which will open November 23, 2017.


Thanks to TronVin for the heads up.