Family Guy: Crazy Death, Resurrection, And Spin-Off Rumors

Brian Griffin Dead

It's been five days since Family Guy killed off the family dog Brian Griffin. Fox and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane have yet to issue any kind of formal statement on the shocking death. However, there have been plenty of crazy rumors to surface involving both more impending death as well as a possible resurrection on Family Guy. Here are some of the more crazy rumors to surface.

More Death - Heck, it seems to work for The Walking Dead, so why not Family Guy? One theory has that Family Guy will become a virtual bloodbath in upcoming episodes, continuing to kill off more characters. Bookies are even taking bets on which Family Guy character will be killed off next. The heavy favorite to next get hit by a car (or killed off in some other way) is Meg Griffin. Why Meg Griffin? Well, because she's voiced by Mila Kunis, and with Kunis' movie career continuing to rise, the theory is that she might no longer have time to voice a cartoon show.

Spinoffs - This is one of the more oddball rumors to surface, but here goes. According to Hollywood Life, their sources have indicated that Family Guy producers didn't anticipate the huge negative outcry over the death of Brian. Because the outcry helped them realize what a popular character Brian is, they have now started having early discussions about a spin-off show for Brian. No word on what the spinoff show would be about. We assume that it would have to involve bringing Brian back from the dead, but we suppose it could always be set in heaven with Brian as an angel dog.

Resurrection - It didn't take long for the Brian will be brought back from the dead rumors to start. As pointed out by, there are descriptions and titles for future episodes that have surfaced which do strongly suggest that Brian will return later this season. However, there was also a hoax website launched with a countdown clock for an announcement from Brian, which many in the media reported as the real thing from Fox. After we raised our doubts about the authenticity of this new site, Fox confirmed that it was indeed a hoax site. The site has since been relaunched as a fan site to gain signatures for a petition to bring Brian back.