Family Guy Death Hoax? Brian's Announcement Website Launches

Brian's Announcement Family Guy

Ever since Family Guy killed off one of their central characters on Sunday night, Family Guy fans have been outraged. There have been calls for a Fox boycott, angry tweets to Seth MacFarlane, and a petition demanding for Brian to be brought back. Because there are still some future episodes that appear to feature Brian, many have wondered if the whole death of Brian episode was just a publicity play for the show.

Now, a mysterious new website has surfaced, which indicates that a special announcement is coming from Brian in just ten days. If Brian is going to be giving the announcement, then it would seem to suggest that he is still alive (as much as a cartoon character can be alive). However, it's also possible that maybe an angel version of Brian delivers the announcement.

The arrival of this mysterious new website has some crying that the whole death of Brian Griffin was just a publicity play by Seth MacFarlane and Fox Broadcasting to drum up ratings and spike merchandise sales right before the holidays. However, if it was a publicity play, then it doesn't appear to be something that Fox and Seth MacFarlane planned out in advance.

According to the WhoIs information, The website was just registered on November 26, 2013, apparently in the middle of the night. The name of who registered the domain is hidden, but the private registration is through a different company than Fox has used in the past. Despite the fact that several news sites are reporting the site as official, it's very possible and perhaps likely that the website could be a hoax itself.