Family Guy Fan Raising Money To Build Brian Griffin Memorial Statue In Providence, Rhode Island

Brian Griffin Family Guy

Who would have thought that the hottest TV topic of this past Thanksgiving week would be the death of a cartoon dog? Over 100,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Brian Griffin be brought back to life on Family Guy.

But what if Brian Griffin isn’t coming back? A Family Guy fan named David Rocha has come up with an interesting way to honor the recently deceased pooch. Rocha is attempting to raise money via IndieGoGo to build a life-sized statue of Brian Griffin in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

Rocha hopes to locate the statue in one of the upcoming waterfront parks in Providence. The IndieGoGo campaign is attempting to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of an about three and half foot tall statue of Brian Griffin.

While the campaign is still quite a ways from its goal, a Facebook page supporting a Brian Griffin Memorial Statue has attracted over 1,000 likes. Check out the video below about the project.