Fandomfest Brings Stan Lee, Walking Dead Stars, & More To Kentucky


If you missed out on Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, then never fear because Fandomfest will be going on this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. Fandomfest is bringing together over fifty top celebrities from comic books, movies, and TV shows. There are some huge names that will be appearing, and will covering the event live.

Here's a sampling of the guest list: (Marvel Comics's Legendary Founder) Stan Lee; (Worldwide Icon) William Shatner; (Rock Star and Business Guru) Gene Simmons; (The Walking Dead Cast) Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal, Chandler Riggs, Lew Temple, Iron E Singleton, Vincent Ward; (X-Files Star) Gillian Anderson; (Game of Thrones/Stargate Atlantis Star) Jason Momoa; (Torchwood, Dr Who Star) John Barrowman; (Firefly/Sernity Cast) Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite; (Highlander's Star) Adrian Paul; ( Warehouse 13 Stars) Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek; (Power Ranger's) Jason David Frank; (The 6th Dr. Who) Collin Baker; (Metal Gear and Anime Voiceover) Quinton Flynn; Comic Artists and many more.

Fandomfest is July 26-28th at the Kentucky International Convention Center and the Galt House Hotel. Fandomfest is expected to draw a crowd of over 50,000 fans, and the economic impact for Louisville has been projected to be over $2,500,000. In order to give back to the community, Fandomfest is also working in conjunction with the The Dream Factory of Louisville, Inc, to help make a wish for a child come true.

Fandomfest offers convention goers, Celebrities, Gaming, Anime, Literary, Comics, Horror, Film Festival, Exhibitors, Industry Workshops, Fan Panels, Q&A's, Music, Enetertainment and much more. Tickets may be purchased at the door.