Fans Flock to Iron Man 3 Sets in North Carolina

It's no secret that Iron Man 3 has been doing a decent share of its filming in Wilmington and [...]

It's no secret that Iron Man 3 has been doing a decent share of its filming in Wilmington and Cary, North Carolina over the past few weeks, and we've been giving you as much up to date coverage of everything as possible, without trying to spoil anything, of course, but what about the fans who flock to the sets?  What motivates them to spend, as was the case when I interviewed several people who were outside Cary's Epic Games this week, eight hours or more as close to the set as possible?   "We can say that we were there," said Monica Jones of Cary.  "We got here around 8AM and have just been waiting to see something good today."  Jones' friend Victoria Morshed, said that part of the thrill was in the fact that North Carolina is becoming such a destination for the film industry as a whole, with other major film projects made here or announced for the future. "This doesn't happen everywhere around here.  We're [North Carolina] getting attention that we're not used to."  The crowd that Jones and Morshed were part of at around 6PM was sectioned off into distinct pieces, due to filming at Epic.  There was lots of craning, straining and theorizing as to what exactly could be going on.  Some were less concerned with the story and more interested in the possibility of a celebrity sighting.  Onlooker Jennifer Park said, "It's something to do.  I'm really hoping to see someone famous." Celebrity sightings were certainly the thought for the week, with Robert Downey Jr., Gwenyth Paltrow and Don Cheadle all among the stars gathered for shooting.  As to who else those gathered want to see in the film, "I really hope that Bruce Banner will be in this," said Britta Heidenreich, "I really like his character."  Fans were spread out all over the complex, cameras snapping and various drivers wondering what all the fuss was about.  When the crew called cut the day and drove away, fans still lingered behind, hoping to catch a glimpse of a hint, a star or some other element about the film.  Shooting in Cary wraps up this week, and more fans will be guaranteed to gather for the final day tomorrow.