Fantagraphics' Comics Journal Scales Back Publication

Perhaps a sign of the current economic times, Fantagraphics has announced that their well-known news and reviews magainze The Comics Journal will scale back its publication to two issues a year. The company has promised though that those two issues will be, "uniquely sized and formatted" and will provide readers with more themed content. In exchange for this news in publication, Fantagraphics has said that they will be adding more content to the Comics Journal website, found here at That extra material will come in the form of original art along with video clips and up to the minute news from the realm of comic books. The Journal has had high status in the comics industry over its thirty-plus year history, with its in-depth interviews with comic book legends and its high regard for comic books as a medium. What happens with the evolution of the Journal's website will be interesting to see, as the additional new material will be coupled with the posting of archived material from earlier issues of the magazine.