Fantastic Four Director Confirms Johnny And Sue Are Still Siblings, Non-Tight Suits

After months of radio silence, director Josh Trank is finally opening up about the Fantastic Four movie. Earlier today, Trank released the first official image of The Thing, confirmed the movie had wrapped, and took part in a Q&A with fans.

Ever since the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch and Kate Mara as Invisible Woman, fans have been wondering if the duo would still be brother and sister like in the comics. When asked if Johnny and Sue were still brother and sister or if that was changed, Trank replied, “Minor change, they’re still siblings.”

In regards to the minor change, Trank could be indicating that they no longer share both of the same biological parents. However, since they are still siblings, they likely still have at least one parent in common. It’s also possible that they could be adoptive siblings.

When asked why he chose to make Human Torch/Johnny Storm black, Trank replied, “I didn't choose to make Johnny black. I chose to make Michael Johnny.”

As far as the Fantastic Four suits, Trank didn’t offer many details. However, he did indicate that they’re not tight suits. As far as Jamie Bell, Trank confirmed that he did the motion capture for his role at The Thing.


Trank revealed that the Fantastic Four will not be a found footage film, as some have suggested. Trank also indicated that the first look at the film would be later this year. As far as similarities to Trank’s Chronicle, the director insisted, “This isn't a Chronicle sequel or reboot. It's a Fantastic Four origin. Same feel, maybe.”

Update: Even though this account was previously confirmed to be Trank's Twitter account, some reports now suggest that it was not Trank tweeting, meaning someone else apparently took over his account. The account has since been suspended by Twitter.