First Captain America: Civil War Clip Release Timing Revealed

WARNING: This post may contain what could be considered a SPOILER by those sensitive to such things.

Captain America: Civil War is still filming in Atlanta, but Marvel fans may see footage from the film sooner than they think.

Slashfilm reports that Ant-Man has two post-credits scene, and one of them uses actual footage from Civil War. Without revealing the actual content of the scene, Slashfilm asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige if this was the case, and he confirmed that it is, saying, “Yes, that is material shot for Civil War“

So will the post-credits scene be seen again when Civil War hits theaters? Feige says it might not be the exact same footage, but the scene will be present.

“Yes, you will. It might be different takes, it might be different angles. Somebody brought up the comparison to the Thor tag at the end of Iron Man 2, which was material shot for the Thor film but we cut slightly differently.”

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