First Clip From The Hunger Games Features Katniss

We've seen trailers.  And TV spots.  And Posters.  But we haven't seen any clips for the [...]

We've seen trailers.  And TV spots.  And Posters.  But we haven't seen any clips for the upcoming film 'The Hunger Games'--until now.  Lionsgate continues to whet the appetite of fans everywhere by slowly pushing out new tidbit every day. Here's the clip, with an explanation after it:

Fans of the Suzanne Collins' bestseller will immediately recognize the scene, as it's one of the most entertaining in the first book.  It takes place after Official Training for the Hunger Games has been completed.  Each Tribute (there are 24 of them) has to go in front of the gamesmakers and judges to show off his/her skills.  The panel then sets odds on each Tribute so the general public can wager on the contestants. This scene is where Katniss must go in front of the panel.  As you can see, Katniss hits a bullseye with her first shot, but none of the judges are paying attention.  Katniss, who is never at a loss for letting folks know how she feels, shoots the 2nd arrow through the apple in the cooked pig.  It's an outlandish--and some would say foolish--move by Katniss. The real treat is what happens AFTER she shoots the apple.  And Lionsgate, in their usual brilliance, cuts the scene before you see what happens.  Why?  Because fans of the book know exactly what happens.  But people that don't know the story are going to be intrigued. They're going to want to see MORE.  Absolutely brilliant. "The Hunger Games" stars Jennifer Lawrence and hits theaters March 23rd.