First Look At Homer Simpson's New Love Interest On The Simpsons

(Photo: Fox)

Homer and Marge Simpson are one of television's longest lasting couples, but it looks like Marge has finally had her fill of the big guy.

On The Simpsons' season premiere Sunday, we see a new woman enter Homer's life (played by Girls' Lena Dunham) and EW has your first look.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean hinted in the past that there is a twist to this story."For those who are sick of marriage-crisis episodes," he says, "it goes in a completely different direction than any before." This would not be the first time Homer and Marge have had marital issues, far from it, but it seems that this might play out a bit differently. Check out the video below to meet Candace.


Dunham's character, Candace, is a pharmacist who meets Homer as he fill his prescription for recently-diagnosed narcolepsy. Fans and players of the Simpsons: Tapped Out game will know that the recent update features Homer battling the sleeping disorder.