Five Disney Properties That Could Make Great Marvel Comics Projects

DisneyWith the Imagineers at Disney providing fodder for Marvel Comics miniseries about twice a year since Disney acquired Marvel, and a new spate of live-action films adapting the studio's animated classics, we started to wonder: how long before we see a Cinderella ongoing series from the House of Ideas?

Given Disney's spotty history with sequels, it could realistically be anything, but we'd like to think that Marvel would have the common sense to keep their hands clean of anything that was a self-evidently bad idea.

So...what could we see them publishing? Well, a lot, actually. When you get into the sequel-ready Pixar franchises, even more so. But for the time being, let's limit ourselves to five and see what springs right to mind. Read on, and let us know what you think in the comments.

frozen (1) topFrozen

This one is kind of the obvious elephant in the room, right? It's brand new, it's wildly popular and not only is there a sequel on the way for the big screen but it was always set up for one, lacking the traditional "happily ever after" that many such tales get in favor of an ending that was uplifting and inspiring but didn't particularly feel like anyone was riding off into the sunset.


This one's interesting; the movie isn't the classic some of the others on this list are, but it has a strong following of people who were at just the right age and state of mine when it came out. 

It had a less-successful direct-to-video sequel, which was more or less standard operating procedure for Disney around that time, but that shouldn't be an indicator that there's no more story to be told. At a minimum, you could squeeze a miniseries out of the things that get glossed over for time in the feature, set within the story of the movie itself.

pirates-of-the-carribean-5Pirates of the Caribbean

The franchise is expanding beyond the initial set of characters, if recent reports are to be believed, and that would be an opportunity for Marvel to either help establish some of them, create an entirely new pirate story with the PotC branding, or even revisit the original cast of characters at a time when their stories  in the movies are starting to be drawn to a close.

disney-haunted-mansion-riverboatHaunted Mansion

Neither of the attempts at a movie have been that great, and one can argue that when you can't figure out how to make a movie out of a theme park ride, maybe that's becuase it's supposed to be a theme park ride.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of having the Haunted Mansion be host to a House of Mystery/Tales From the Crypt style title where the setting can be used for a variety of different PG-13/family-friendly horror stories.

Black-Hole-Movie-The Black Hole

A fun, underrated little sci-fi movie, it would give a totally different glimpse into the Disney corner of the universe than any of these other titles...and it would do so at a time when rumors of rebooting the property are always floating around Hollywood.

A prequel would work well, since by the time we all met the crew of the Palomino, they were returning to Earth at the end of their mission. Following their adventures, or even that of the Cygnus, prior to and leading up to coming into contact with the black hole has potential.

An honorable mention to one that would be cool...if I could think of a way to make it work.


flightofnavigatorFlight of the Navigator

Another one that's underrated, in development for a remake...and might be kind of hard to find a way into. After all, much of what drove the film was the time jump and the accompanying impact on David.