Five Ways Blade Could Fit Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Wesley Snipes revealed earlier this week that he and Marvel met about the actor reprising his [...]

Wesley Snipes revealed earlier this week that he and Marvel met about the actor reprising his role as the famous vampire hunter Blade in an upcoming Marvel project, possibly in a fourth installment of the popular Blade series of films. The Blade films were Marvel's first successful modern superhero movie and preceded the blast of superhero films that fans are still enjoying today. But, if Snipes returns as the infamous Daywalker, what role would he play in Marvel's established movie universe? Here's five possible storylines that Blade would fit in:

Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons were a collection of supernatural characters from the Marvel Universe, including Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night and Blade. Originally formed to fight the demon Lilith, the Midnight Sons would periodically team up to fight demonic and supernatural threats too powerful for one hero to handle. It was rumored that Marvel was discussing a possible collaboration with Netflix to create a series of linked television series featuring the Midnight Sons (similar to Netflix's current Defenders series), and it would make sense for Blade to have a starring role in a series.

Morbius the Living Vampire

In the comics, Blade gained his unique vampire powers while hunting the popular Marvel anti-hero Morbius the Living Vampire with Spider-Man. After Morbius attacked the pair and bit Blade, the vampire hunter gained the speed and strength of a vampire without the weakness to the sun. With Spider-Man now officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel and Sony could really mix things up by using Morbius as the villain of an upcoming Spider-Man film and bringing back Snipes as Blade as a key supporting cast member.

Conflict with SHIELD

Blade has an interesting history with SHIELD, working both for and against the international peacekeeping force at different times in his career. Blade attacked SHIELD after the organization used the vampire hunter's blood to create special vampiric operatives. Later, Blade and SHIELD later joined forces to fight the vampire lord Dracula, and Blade would permanently join the organization during Marvel's Civil War as one of their resident supernatural experts. An Snipes' appearance on Agents of SHIELD would not only boost the ABC show's ratings, it would also be a cool way to quietly introduce the world of magic into the Marvel Universe, much in the same way it brought in the Inhumans last season.

The Montesi Formula

Dr. Strange and Blade are longtime allies against the evil forces of the supernatural. Blade and Dr. Strange first teamed up to collect the Darkhold, a mystical book that contained a spell that would destroy all vampires, while fighting the vampire legions of Dracula. Dr. Strange, with the help of the Avengers and Blade, secured the book and eventually used it to kill all vampires (at least temporarily). The Montesi Formula is a pretty underappreciated Marvel story, an epic story that left a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe. Considering that Dr. Strange is about to make a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a movie adaptation would be a great way to bring Blade into the Avengers fold. Plus, it would also introduce the Darkhold, which has long plagued Marvel's magical heroes.

A Ronin Among Avengers

Marvel's latest Mighty Avengers book featured Blade assisting a Luke Cage led team of Avengers under the guise of Ronin, a longtime Avengers character. Several different characters have appeared as Ronin over the years, including Hawkeye, Echo and the Black Widow's evil ex-husband. Wesley Snipes hidden in plain sight as Ronin would be a pretty cool reveal if Marvel could pull it off, but there would need to be a pretty cool reason why Blade wasn't wearing his typical vampire hunting gear.

So what Blade storylines would you like to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments section below!