Flash TV Series: Iris West Actress Auditions, Scene Descriptions

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Back in December, a leaked casting call revealed a description for Iris West in the upcoming Flash TV series on The CW. In the comic books, Iris West was once Barry Allen's wife, even though in the current re-launched DC Universe she is just his friend. According to the leaked description, Iris West in the Flash TV universe will be Barry Allen's sister of sorts. Iris West is described as an African-American in the 22 to 28 year age range. Her father, Detective West, took Barry in after his mother was murdered and his father was wrongly accused and imprisoned for her murder. Iris is also described as Barry's mile a minute, fast-talking, quick-witted best friend. Barry has strong feelings for Iris, but she's unaware of those feelings. Comicbook.com received a tip from an unconfirmed source with ties to casting for the Flash TV series about a couple actresses who are said to have auditioned for the role. According to the source, newcomer Christine Shepherd and Veronica Mars' Tessa Thompson have tested for the role. According to our source, a casting decision has not yet been made, but these are just two of the actresses that are in the running. Our source also indicated a casting decision would be made soon, likely sometime in February 2014. While doing some research on the role, we also came across another actress, who has apparently tested for the role. We found an audition tape on YouTube from an actress named Abby Wake, who is reading for the role of Iris West in Flash. We've transcribed the scenes she reads from the Flash TV series below. First scene between Barry Allen and Iris West from the Flash TV series. Iris West: Are you ready for the big turn on? Because I agreed to go with you to the atom smashers smashing and in return you agreed I get to pick the next five times we go to the movies. Hope you like Channing Tatum, because you two are going to be very close soon. Barry Allen: Iris, I don't know if I'm going to make it. Your dad kind of tore me a new one.. Iris West: But seeing this thing go on is like your dream, your sad, nerdy little dream. Barry Allen: It could change everything we know about the universe. The accelerator sends beams, particles, and electron storage rings crashing into one another at high speeds. Iris West: Do we really need to stand next to it when it happens? Barry Allen: Statistically speaking any danger is almost an impossibility. Iris West: Aren't you the one that believes in the impossible? That's what you were looking for in Starling City, wasn't it? Barry Allen: Kind of. Iris West: Did you find it? Or did you make my dad mad for no reason? Barry Allen: I found a girl. I mean I met one. Iris West: A girl! Good for you! When was the last time you went on a date? All you do is hang out with me. Barry Allen: About that. While I was away I got a chance to think about us. You're my best friend, Iris. Iris West: You're mine to. Why else would I be here? Barry Allen: That's not what I meant. What I meant was… Iris West: I know what you're going to say, Barry. Barry Allen: I'm not sure you do. Iris West: Even though we pretty much grew up in the same house, we're kind of brother and sister, but we're not brother and sister, so it could get really weird and awkward talking to me about girls. But I want you to know that it shouldn't be awkward because there is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are. Barry Allen: You took the words right out of my mouth. Iris West: Aren't you glad that I know you so well? Second scene between Barry Allen and Iris West from the Flash TV series. Iris West: I'm not thirsty. Barry Allen: Let it keep your hands warm at least. Iris West: Thanks. Barry Allen: You ok? Iris West: I don't know what that word means anymore after what I just saw…we saw. How many people? Barry Allen: Iris… Iris West: How many? Barry Allen: Twelve. We'll catch this Trickster, whoever he is. Iris West: That's really fantastic, Barry. You get on that. You catch him. Put him on trial. Put him in jail. Let him wake up every morning and eat breakfast and see the sun. Unlike that little girl he just slaughtered in the street. Barry Allen: You're right. It's not fair. But it's what makes us not them. Iris West: There's something else. Barry Allen: What? Iris West: I swear that I saw something…a flicker of light, a gust of wind, something that pulled one of the families out of the way of the debris. It was the way that you described it that night…and what you saw in your house…the way that your mother was killed. Barry Allen: Iris, I was just a scared kid. I don't know what I saw. Iris West: You told me a million times that what you saw was impossible. Today, I saw the impossible to. And for the first time I really believed you.