Former Batman Actors Talk About The Batkid


Everyone has been talking about the heartwarming story of the Batkid, a five year old with leukemia who got a chance to be a superhero thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and thousands of volunteers. With news of the Batkid’s heroics spreading far and wide, several of the actors who have played Batman in the past have weighed in with their thoughts.

Sixties TV show Batman Adam West tweeted, “What a wonderful thing. Relieved that Gotham is safe again thanks to Miles. #SFBatkid #makeawish...”

In an interview with Vulture, the Dark Knight trilogy’s Christian Bale said, “I looked on the news and I saw this headline and thought, 'What's that?' And I saw all the pictures of him running around and saving people. It's so touching.” Bale added, “What's his name, Miles. He must have been bewildered! Hopefully, later on, he'll be able to look back and say, 'Oh my God, how amazing.'”

In an interview with TMZ, the original Batman movie’s Michael Keaton said, “Somebody sent it to me. It’s the cutest thing in the world.” Keaton added, “Let’s not talk about Batman. Let’s talk about the kid. That’s such a cool thing. That’s such a sweet idea. I haven’t seen it. Somebody sent me the link, and I’ve got to check it out. I think it’s a cool idea.”

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