Frank Miller Announces New Sin City Series at New York Comic Con

(Photo: Lucas Siegel)

At a press conference for Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Frank Miller talked about his current state of working.

"I'm in the studio drawing every day now," Miller said. Inker and collaborator Klaus Janson said he's been to his studio, and "there are just reams of paper all over, so many drawings, many of which won't ever see the light of day, stuff that you really might not anticipate. It's really quite amazing."

Indeed, Miller plans to stay in comics, and get back to the drawing board in a literal way.

"Oh yeah," he said when asked if he had more work planned after his contributions to Dark Knight III. "My next book is set, I'm working on it now, in fact. It's a Sin City, a love story set against the backdrop of World War II."

Miller couldn't talk more about the new series just yet, or reveal any characters or details. However, when he was asked who would win in a fight, Marv or Batman, his answer came fast and with a smile.

"The fight's already over. Marv's sitting at the bar having a drink."