Friends Reminds Us Why Spider-Man Has A Hyphen In His Name

(Photo: NBC)

There's a great deal one can learn from NBC's much-loved sitcom Friends. For instance, that Rolo's can always be found in your lounge chair, or that Phoebo is an actual name, or that stealing cheesecakes from downstairs neighbors is frowned upon, but okay if the cheesecake is just that good.

All valuable lessons to be sure, but one stands out more than the rest, especially with Spider-Man's upcoming debut (or re-debut) in Captain America: Civil War.

Phoebe poses the question "Why isn't it Spiderman, like Goldman, Silverman."

Chandler, being all the sudden intrigued by the conversation, says "Because it's not his last name. It's not like Phil Spiderman, he's a Spider-Man. Like Goldman is a last name, but there's not a Gold-Man."


And that dear friend is why there is a hyphen. It is so that people don't get Spider-Man confused with John Spiderman, your local accountant or travel agent.