From The Boards: Heroes Shades Of Gray


Each week, takes a look around the Heroes message boards/forums for the questions and possible answers to the most recent episode. We realize that not everyone has time to rummage through the forums, so does it for you. This week: Shades of Gray. Nathan--what now? What will he do? Hide out with the other Heroes? Fight back? It has been said (I haven't verified this) that the camera in the climactic Danko/Nathan scene stopped blinking just prior to Nathan being pushed out the window. If this is true, does that mean we're back to a situation of one man's word against another? And where does that leave HRG in all of this? He saw everything happen, and he has loyalties to both men (for different reasons). If Nathan chooses to fight with Parkman, Peter, and gang, will he be accepted? Chances are none of his fellow Heroes will trust him. Who is REBEL? This question has been asked previously, but no one seems to have the answer. It can't be Nathan or HRG. We know it isn't any of the Heroes we've seen the last few episodes. Could it be Micah? With his machine manipulating abilities, he might be the only one that could pull this off. After all, the computer guy at Building 26 said there was no sign of a breach in their system. That screams Micah. But then the question is, “Who is helping him?” Have we seen the last of Slyar's dad, Samson? Most folks think we haven't. Now that Samson knows about a healing ability in a "Cheerleader in California," I'm betting he starts searching for Claire. And if Samson does have his cancer cured, will he take on the biggest challenge of his live--his own son? What's the deal with little Matt Parkman? If we assume that Hiro and Ando haven't gotten caught in some time warp, then little Matt must be Parkman's son. The question is, why does he need saving?