Game Of Thrones: New Year's Resolutions


It’s New Year’s Day, which means it’s time for everyone to make their New Year’s resolutions. While we’re all deciding to exercise more and eat better, we think some of the characters from some of our favorite TV shows could stand to make some resolutions of their own.

Character in Game of Thrones always seem to be one wrong move away from an unfortunate end. Thus, they need to live every year like it’s their last. We’ve come up with some resolutions to help them make that happen in 2015 (or whatever the year is in Westeros).

Be warned, while we don’t drop any specific spoilers from the books in this article, we do, in places, hint at things to come. Read at your own risk.


Tyrion Lannister – Take a vacation

Tyrion, you’ve been working long hours lately, and the works hard. It’s practically murder. Maybe you should take some time off, get out of King’s Landing, maybe take a cruise. You should totally take a friend though. I hear Varys has some time off coming up.


Cersei and Jaime Lannister – Write your will, invest in some life insurance

Look, guys, not for nothing, but your families don’t seem to have especially long life spans these days. First Robert, then Joffrey, and then Tywin? It’s just better to be safe than sorry, right? After all, you want to make sure that you’re kids are taken care of, don’t you? I mean…not that you have any kids…together…that would be…uh…treasonous…uh…yeah…never mind.


Arya Stark – Consider religion

Arya, you’ve grown up so fast, but you’re heading out on your own now, and Braavos can be a scary place. You need a community to give you support, something to help center you. Have you heard of the Many-Faced God? Here’s heard of you. Perhaps you’d like to hear more?


Jon Snow – Read some book on management

It was a rough year for the Night’s Watch. The order lost a lot of good men, and there’s only more struggles over the horizon. With things going the way they are, and how Commander Mormont seemed to be grooming you for leadership, we’re simply suggested that you might want to read a book or two on management styles. And maybe politics too.



Daenerys Targaryen  – Watch How to Train Your Dragon

Seriously, those things are getting out of hand, and that chamber beneath Meereen doesn’t really offer a lot of living space for the poor things. Luckily, there are these animated instructional videos that will tell you all about proper training techniques for your scaly friends. You should check them out. Like, soonish, before someone else gets hurt.